Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Strange Reptilians Artifacts Found - Ancient Civilization of Mesopotamia’s area

 While mainstream science scoffs at the idea of a race of Reptilians, they are unable to come up with a better theory to explain these 7,000 year old reptilian statues. Was mankind really in contact with such a race, or everything is just an elaborate hoax in which people just want to believe?

Mystery of Al Ubaid Lizardmen

 The Al’Ubaid archaeological site is a small mound of about half a kilometer in diameter and two meters above ground. The site was first excavated by Harry Reginald Hal in 1919.
 7,000-year-old artifacts unearthed there display humanoid figurines with lizard-like features. Those are real male and female reptilian statues found in many different positions. Some appear to be wearing helmets, while others have shoulder padding. Other figurines were found to be holding a scepter or staff and some of the female statues are breastfeeding or holding their babies, which have reptilian features as well.
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