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Egypt - Ancient Advanced Civilization of Giants, Forbidden Archeology, Strange Artifacts of nephilim

 Giants are a written and tangible fact. Their traces in all parts of the earth .. the huge axes and pots of Crete, the monuments of Lebanon, Peru, Bolivia, Bosnia, France and England. their mention in the sacred books ..Bible and Koran.

Ancient Advanced Civilization of Giants -Egypt-

 Apart the fake images of skeletons that fill the Internet, there are two real - in the museums of Switzerland and Peru.
 As for The greatest civilization of all time. Ancient Egyptian civilization. if you extend your eyes to the monuments of the Egyptian civilization of Giza and Dahshur, in Luxor and Aswan, you will notice that the immensity of these monuments is the most important title for this civilization. Stone blocks and huge sculptures can not be handled by our traditional sizes.
 Does this give an insight into the nature of the creators of this civilization?

Ancient Advanced Civilization of Giants -Egypt-
 Many are the huge statues in ancient Egypt, including the equivalent of 20 meters in length .. like the giants Statues sitting in the temple of Abu Simbel.
 Why do we always consider that statues are always taller than their owners?

Ancient Advanced Civilization of Giants -Egypt-
 All the above images are taken from terraces, tombs and documented in the place .. Anyone can go to visit and see it on nature ..
 All that we have exposed is not equal to 1% of the existing tombs and terraces of ancient Egypt.The Giants are a documented fact ..
 It was not only in Egypt but throughout the world.Ten thousand years ago they were dominants. ranging from 4 to 6 meters ..
 The giants of Egypt were some up to 12 meters and more .. These preliminary estimates came from the measurement of proportions shown in the inscriptions.
 So we will show some accessible artifacts.

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 There is no doubt that there are other coffins long .. But where they are .. will not appear for sure .. At least for the time being ..
 The fact of the giants is meant to disappear and erase from existence...

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